In order to share the good shopping experiences,and provide the the better services to you,Ibuygou carry out the activity of "online survey",you can click the buttom"Take a poll" at ibuygou home page to join in this activity, ibuygou expects the survey will help to improve the shopping experiences.All participants have the chance to win the T-Shirt,and Coupon.  
 The Game Rules:
 1.Ibuygou will select Three participants whose suggestion is most useful and constructive and
offer this T-shirt to them for free.
 2.Other participants who have given the useful suggestions to ibuygou can get the free $5 coupon.
 3.Participants MUST write the email address at "Question 12",Otherwise you have no chance
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 4.The gifts winners will be notified by email.They will then have 48 hours to respond to the email
and confirm their wins.Should winners not respond within 48 hours,the gifts will be redrawn at
a time convenient to unsuccessful participants will not be notified.
 5.The gifts winners should take an picture with the gift or give the gift's link of video so that we can
publish these winners' result after this activity.(Only your picture or link is published,we comply
with the privacy policy)
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