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1. What is ibuygou Cashback program?

IBG cashback Program is the 1st online-wholesales and dropshipping shopping program in China, it aims to provide the money-making,secure, and professional shopping service for worldwide customers.Based with cheap products, IBG Cashback gives the chance to share the profit with those people who promote our products worldwide.

2. Can the cashback reward be used for coupon? 

Yes.for example,if you have 10 USD in the cashback balance,then you can use it up.

3. Orders that applied for coupon and groupbuy can also be calculated in the cashback program?

Sorry, no. 

4. Can each of referring order be calculated into the cashback ?

No.Only the refering orders with DHL,Fedex,Registered airmail as shipping method are qualified for the cashback program

5. Can i ask Ibuygou to transfer my cashback balance to my paypal account if i am the VIP2 member?

Sorry,No.Only the Vip3,Vip4,Vip5member is qualified for asking ibuygou to transfer cashback balance to my paypal account.Vip1,Vip2 is not qualified for that

6. When can i ask Ibuygou to transfer cashback balance to paypal account if i am VIP3,VIP4,VIP5?

Ibuygou is able to transfer the cashback balance Only after 50 days of the referring orders recieving.For example,if the referring order is recieved June 1st,then ibuygou can tansfer the cashback balance for this order to your paypal account at July 22nd.

7. Where should i contact for my cashback balance transferring?

please email your account email to celline@ibuygou.com.the cashback balance will be instructed in 1-3 business days as soon as the confirmation of the email.

8. Are there any limitation on joining the cashback program?

No,There are no limitation of nationality and of tender.

9. Who is eligible for ibuygou cashback?

Firstly, you have registered at our website.

Secondly, you have given the cashback link to any of live people.
Thirdly, the People who visit ibuygou site via your link have done qualifying purchase.

10. What are the criteria for getting cashback reward (Real money)?

You have a valid Paypal account (it is used for depositing cash)

You must keep your Paypal account in good standing.

11. Is cashback real money?

Yes.it is real.You deserve the real money and the cashback reward will go into your account if your people have made the purchasing via your given links at ibuygou.com successfully .

12. Commission rates seem low? 

Don't be fooled by others who offer 5%, 10%, 20% or even more. Commission is zero when their products don't sell. We can hide our prices and offer a 50% commission rate but it makes no sense to do that. We want to offer good service and products at reasonable prices and at the same time reward you for referring us to others who will also find our offers cool.

13. Why do Ibuygou adopt cashback instead of the real discount?

With the support of worldwide customers, Ibuygou is growing up everyday.We would rather give away some part of profit with those customers who support Ibuygou,keep very good price than pay high advertising fee to the third party.

13. At which types of products are my purchases eligible for cashback?

All products are eligible for affiliate except the Promotional products,and the clearances.

14. Can the cashback reward be used for shipping cost?


15. Can I get the cashback reward if I do not buy anything from Ibuygou.com,however,my friend has made the qualifiying purchasing via my links from Ibuygou.com ?

Yes,you can get it as long as your friends given the links have done qualifying purchase.

16. How long do I get the cashback reward after request?

Only after 50 days the time when any of your friends who are given links by you has received the parcel and has paid ibuygou successfully,we will deposit the funds in your PayPal account.
Note: Once you request your cashback reward, it takes an additional around 1 days to process payment which depends on PayPal.

17. If i do not register at ibuygou,can I get the cashback reward?

Sorry no, only if you have registered at ibuygou, then you have the chance to make money.if you don't register here,you can not get our link ,obviously , you can not send the link to your friends.

18. Is this safe? Will you share my information with anyone or send me "spam"?

This program is safe. We won't share your personal information or put you on any lists that will send you unsolicited information. All of the information collected through the cashback program -from your email address to the purchase information that we use to calculate your cashback rewards is protected by the Ibuygou privacy. We do email you a monthly newsletter,but you can opt out of that at any time. You can find instructions for doing so at the bottom of the email.

19. How can I get the cashback link ?

Option 1:By clicking "How cashback works "at the Middle bottom of home page;
Option 2:By clicking"Cashback advertisement flash"where are located at the right corner of homepage.
You are able to see the safe link as well as soon as you have signed in already at the home page of account center.You have not registered,you cann't see the link.Go to register now!
Notes: If your question was not addressed above, please contact by email : celline@ibuygou.com.

20. Can the cashback used as coupon be applied for other promotion?

No,for example: If ibuygou 's promotion is under way,the cashback used as coupon can't be used,If you are the group-purchase leader,the leader can not use the cashback as shopping coupon for any purchase at ibuygou.

Important message :

Ibuygou do not allow ourself- or fradulent referrals. Please do not abuse the program as it will not benefit anyone and everyone will lose out in the end.