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Search your product:
1:Just input the name of the product you like in the search engine;Our system will pop out the product
related to the key words or product name which you enter in the engine



2.You can also search your favorite gadget on the -See All Categories,where is located at the left side of
ibuygou homepage.


3:You can also find your favorite gadget via the price range in the sub-category page.


4:You also can pick up your favorite gadgts in the-Featured Products,Newest Product,or Hot cashback Product,in the middle of homepage.

Notes:If you cann t find your favorite item,there will be zero result.in this condition, you can talk with ibuygou on line customer service or email to support@ibuygou.com for asking if this product is available.


Look out the products details:
By clicking the single product picture in the sub-category,you are able to see the single products price in different currencies,the reviews,the features,actualpictures,specification,warranty,promotion,calculating the shipping charge,secure payment certificate and other information all about product



Add your product to shopping cart and proceed to checkout:
1.You are ablet to add your product to cart in the single product webpage,moreover you can change the quantity,calculating shipping charge.


2. Review cart:
Webpage will automatically moves to shopping cart after you add your product to cart,you can also double-click the cart icon where is at the right top of ibuygou homepage.


3.Editing your products in the cart:
You are able to edit the content in the cart as follows:
(1) Change quantity
You just click-Updated- after you input your favorite quantity there.

(2)Delete product
If you want to delete the product,simply click the icon:

delete the items in the shopping cart!
(3)Calculating shipping charges in the shopping cart directly.
You can calculate the shipping charges with your quantity,and shipping method with paypal directly in the shopping cart!,you can also calculate the shipping cost in the product details page as well by clicking:calculate shipping charge.

(4)Two Choices for checkout:
A:Pay the order through Paypal direct after getting the shipping cost:
Notes:Please write the correct shipping information in English.
Pay the goods with Paypal directly with shipping charge!
B:Proceed to checkout by clicking "Proceed to checkout "button":
Proceed with checkout-Method 2( you can ship the items to different address )

Sign in and sign up:
1. Please just sign in if your have registered at ibuygou.

2.If you are new to ibuygou:
(1)Just double click the Register button,then Input your full name,email address,and password,click continue,then the registration is finished at the shopping procedures.
(2)Double click Join Free button,you can also join in ibuygou.


Enter the shipping details:
Please enter the shipping details accordingly,if you have special request for the order, please leave a notes in the -Order notes-form.

Select Shipping Methods:

Order confirmation:
If you have the coupon code,please input the code.If you have the cashback reward,you can also use the reward as the coupon,for more infor about ibuygou cashback program,please click here

heck order information:
Please click :Track your order,then you can see order history,ordercode number,when do you confirm the order,delet the order.If you click theorder code,you will see orderí»s status and many other information......

Need help?
If you needany help,please talk with our representative online or email to us,we will bevery happy to serve you.Thank you for visiting ibuygou.Hoping you a very pleasant shopping experiences.