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Payment Methods Ibuygou accepts:
1:Paypal:Ibuygou paypal account:sophia@ibuygou.com
If Paypal is available in your country, then you can use Paypal to pay for your order with a credit card or bank debit card. If you don't have a Paypal account you can sign up(https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_registration-run) for an account while completing your Ibuygou order checkout.Please submit payment in advance, in full. Order prices in the online shop system add shipping during the checkout process and no taxes are added by Ibuygou.Payment can be submitted in any currency, although we advise matching the currency used in the online order process for ease of calculation. We do not currently offer accounts or credit.You need to pay in full for your orders in advance, and Ibuygou will guarantee successful delivery of your products.

Further Payment Notes:
Please do not send cash.
Please do not send cheques or money orders.
Please do not email us details of bank accounts or credit cards.
We also do not accept Moneybookers, Nochex, or other online payment systems. Sorry!
Please do not use online payment vouchers such as 3V vouchers to submit Paypal payments, as these will be rejected. Similarly, do not attempt to use another person's credit card for Paypal payments unless you are certain the credit card owner will be able to provide us with direct confirmation that the charge is authorised.
(P.S: If the single amount over 1000USD, we may investigate and hold the amount for around 3 days via Paypal).

Questions: Why should I pay via Paypal?
PayPal is a secure and trusted payment processing service which allows you to shop online.The advantage of using PayPal, as a customer, is that the merchant never gets to see any of your financial information. If you do use your credit card through PayPal, Ibuygou won't see your credit card number, minimizing the risk of unauthorized use. In fact, IBUYGOU only sees the shipping address you specified in PayPal and optionally a telephone that you explicitly wish to share with us.

2:Credit card and bank debit card:
You can pay ibuygou very easily by the credit card like VISA,MASTER CARD..

3:Bank Transfer:(It's ONLY for order above US$5000)
Bank Name:Bank of china shenzhen branch
Swift Code:BKCHCNBJ45A
Bank Address:International Financial Building No.2022,JiansheRoad,China
Beneficiary Name:liu Jin Biao
Account Number:6013822000580520669
Post Code:518001

1.Banks often charge fees for international transfers. You are responsible for your bank's fees. It is important that you ask your bank exactly how much they will charge you for the transfer, and add this amount to the remitted total. If you do not add it, the fee will be deducted from the transferred money, and you won't have paid enough for your order. The order will be not be processed because of this.
2.If you have already made a bank payment to Bank account as described above, please allow some time for this payment to go through:2-4 working days for the banks to complete the transaction, depending on the banks; 1 working day for Ibuygou to process your payment and match it to an order; You will receive an email from Ibuygou confirming that we have processed your order.
3:Please do write "Family consumption+Order No" for the use of the payment when you wire the payment

4: Western Union:
First Name: Jin Biao
Last Name: Liu
Country: Shenzhen City of China
Address: B6,3F,HuaFengPlaza 25th District Bao'an ShenZhen China

Please Email your order number, the Western Union MTCN. Total amount,Currency's type,Sender's first and last name.Sender's address and Country.Sender's contact phone number to  support@ibuygou.com.  Only when after you send the payment via Western Union and we will process your order.
If you have any problems with the payment, please don't hesitate to contact ibuygou via our online live-talks,or email to support@ibuygou.com.Your questions will be replied in 24 hours at working day.