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What’s Ibuygou cashback programe?
  In Short,if you send someone to ibuygou online through the cashback URL,and that person makes an order,you can get paid 3% commission(cashback reward) on that sale.The 3% cashback reward can also be redeemed as coupon.

How cashback work


1 Sign up at freely
  It is simple to sign up,to enter full name,email address,and password is enough, Sign up here
2 Post your cashback program URL.(where can I see the URL)
  You only need to post the URL anywhere you want like the on website/blog/forum/facebook/twitter.Any people like your friends who make purchase through your posted programe URL,then,you can get commission(cashback reward)
  If you have been already ibuygou free member,please also sign in here,and you will see the cashback program URL immediately here.
Email Password
3 Get commission( cashback reward)
  Ibuygou deposits the commission(cashback reward) to your Paypal Account in 20 days as soon as any referal purchase is done through your posted cashback program URL.

  As an example:Assume James-who you referred,spent a total of 100USD on merchandises and shipping charges,then cashback reward is 3USD(commission),when you want to use the 3USD as the coupon, the coupon amount will be:3*1.5=4.5USD,the 4.5USD becomes the coupon.Our system will subtract the coupon value automatically at your future orders.

Where can I get the cashback program URL?
  Option 1: by signning in ibuygou,you will see the red color URL at the member control panel.
  Option 2: By signning in at the "How cashback works" webpage above.
  PS: Only after your registration,you are able to get the safe cashback program URL.
  Ibuygou cashback FAQ
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