Xiaomi Redmi 3S Snapdragon 430 Octa-Core 1.4GHz 2GB RAM 16GB ROM
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Xiaomi Redmi 3S Snapdragon 430 Octa-Core 1.4GHz 2GB RAM 16GB ROM

Help & Support

After Sales Policy

First of all,thank you for your support to iBuygou, we will try our best to help our customers solve issues in a timely and professional manner.

How do I return any faulty products?

Mi Center Poland

Please download this form: Mi Center Repair Form (last updated: Saturday, 11th February 2017, 16:39 Beijing time)

Once the form and other details are all completed you will then need to send the repair to the following address with your phone / device. Please also send the completed form to us at eu-repair@ibuygou.com:

Mi Center
Jackowskiego 57/D

Mobile: +48 780 080 521 or E-mail: eu-repair@ibuygou.com

We require that our customers follow the procedures outlined above and also complete the required form which will be sent by our After sales team. Without the completed form and reference number MiCenter engineers will be unable to repair your product.

Note: There may be some cases where the phone can only be repaired in China, if required our After sales team will advise of the process for sending back. For customers sending to Mi Center all contact should be directed to our support helpdesk. Mi Center are unable to directly communicate with customers on repairs.

Exclusive Spanish Retail Partner Repair & Aftersale Service


iBuygou and BCNmoviles, Spanish repairing company with a reputable background in phone and electronics repairing offer our Spanish partners and retailers the opportunity for exclusive repairs via BCN moviles.

The address for our Retail repair aftersales service is as follows:

Carrer de Floridablanca, 99

Warranty statement

Product accessories including removable batteries and electronics are covered as normal by standard 1 year warranty. However product accessories which do not have battery or electronic components (Earphones, Screen protectors, Cases, Clothing etc) are NOT covered by any warranty terms. Additionally if your product has a removable battery, the battery itself is not covered by manufacturer warranty after the first day use if fault is not reported. Please be sure to report any fault relating to removable batteries as soon as possible. If the report is made after 1 month the replacement cannot be given under warranty.

We also offer a 1 year extended warranty on selected Xiaomi smartphones for the value of $5.00 you can add this option when purchasing a new product on our web site. This means Xiaomi phones with the added 1 year option receive 2 years of full warranty support.

The customer has the responsibility to assist iBuygou after sales to make the problem clear. You should describe your problem in detail and provide us with your order number and proof such as video, photo / screenshot and any other useful details to help us assist in your query in order to avoid delays in repairing your product(s).

In general we do not suggest customers send back the product for repair if the value of product is under US$100 due to the shipping time and cost, we will offer a coupon or other solution, examples such as Earphones, Accessories and such as Cases. (Excludes Screen protectors and other one time use products, clearance Smartphones etc).

According to our warranty statement, the warranty does not cover the following listed standards:

Meanwhile, repair center will determine whether a product is "Out of Warranty" at the company's discretion according to the following listed standards. Repair of Out of Warranty products shall be separately quoted by the repair center and respective service shall be provided once the service fee is fully paid.

This warranty covers the hardware components of the product as originally supplied and does not cover or partially cover the following items; Software, Consumable items such as accessories (Charger and Cables) even if packaged or sold together with the product. Phones are guaranteed for three months for the replaced parts which are without human damage. If the phone is out of standard warranty. If the phone is near warranty according to the received date by the repair center to guarantee don't make an appointment in advance.

The limited warranty does not cover;

i. Asthetic damage (e.g. Scratches, signs of man made damages e.g Drops, Strikes, Tampering and also cosmetic damage).

ii. Defects or damage resulting from excessive force, pressure, torsion or use of metallic objects on the touch screen (e.g. Keys, Money in pockets).

iii. Devices that have the serial number or the IMEI number removed, defaced, damaged, altered or made illegible e.g. the warranty label is damaged or removed, the product is opened or repaired by others (none iBuygou authorised repairer) and warranty seals broken.

iv. Any physical feature defects or damage resulting from improper testing, operation, maintenance, installation, service or adjustment not furnished or approved by the manufacturers e.g. ROOT, Bootloader unlocking via unofficial methods e.g. cracking or hacking, or any other none standard modification not authorised by the manufacturer. Xiaomi.eu ROM is accepted for repair as long as the bootloader has not been modified through unofficial means.

v. Man made damage (for example: broken screen, USB or SIM slot damage).

vi. Liquid damages e.g. Chemical, Water or Moisture (Humidity) or Extreme Temperatures or Environments which may cause corrosion.

vii.Lost IMEI number because of the incorrect flashing or other operation.

viii. Screen issue because of the incorrect use (example yellow spot or stripe is from big exprssure on screen).

viiii. Loss of data, accounts, passwords or configurations caused by poor configuration by the customer, third parties or by work and checks not carried out by our technicians or authorized personnel. Damage caused by normal wear and tear of parts requiring repairs and periodic replacements (external batteries, camera lenses, screens, headphones or hands free).

Returns policy

A. Returning DOA (Dead On Arrival) product. Any malfunctioning product on arrival (excluding cases of reckless handling of the product) within 7-15 days after receiving is eligible for a replacement and you need to provide us with proof as below: Photos of the original package with the front and back sides and photos/videos showing the problem. Please make sure the item is in re-sale condition without any wear and tear otherwise we can only offer to repair and not replace. If these requirements are met we will pay for one-way postage. Please return to us at your convenience and we will ship a functional replacement to you free of charge.

B. Returning the wrong product. If the item you received is completely different from the one you ordered, please contact our Customer services team with photos/videos of the different product. If it's our fault we will replace it for free or if you still wish to keep the product(s) we will offer a discount for compensation. Otherwise you are obligated to pay shipping cost for the return and replacement.

C. Returning product you are unsatisfied with. If you are not happy with your product for any reason please return it within 15 days after the receipt of delivery including original packaging for a refund or an exchange. If the return is not caused by our error. We will charge 20% of the product's price for refund and re-stocking fee or if an exchange is requested you are obligated to pay shipping cost for the return and replacement product(s).


Please return product(s) by registered mail (the cheapest service) including tracking number to the nearest Post Office or EMS; If the mail service with tracking number costs more you may choose the one without tracking info, please be sure to keep the shipping receipt with you after return. Please ensure to write 20USD for the value of the product being returned. We will process the request for you once the product(s) are received. For additional information please contact our Customer services team at support@ibuygou.com.

In compliance with the LOPD iBuygou will not be responsible for personal information contained in the terminal or storage unit.

iBuygou will not be responsible for the costs of sending the articles that are within the assumptions of cancellation or exclusion of guarantee mentioned above. The cost of the round trip is 12 euros + VAT.

If a terminal is out of warranty for one of the reasons mentioned above, the customer must pay the minimum cost of inspection of the terminal, 12 euros +VAT

iBuygou will not be liable in any case for damages that could present the terminal upon arrival at our technical services. All shipments to / from our technical services are made with contracted transport insurance. In order to avoid problems and facilitate possible complaints to transport companies, it is essential to provide and retain 6 photographs to the terminal. In the event that the terminal presents any type of damage when arriving at our technical services, these photographs will be requested to proceed with the insurance claim of the transport company.