Z1 Smart Android 2.2 Watch Phone GPS WiFi Bluetooth

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Friendly reminder : Black and camouflage color are available currently.

Ibuygou is the Only Official Online Dealer for Z1 Android Watch Phone.The continued firmware upgrades,latest News can be offered
only for orders from Ibuygou.Only Ibuygou offers the A-level android watch phone after double quality check.Email to for bulk,OEM orders!

Press News:Ibuygou released the OFFICIAL version of android watch phone.Black Color is avail!Please leave Message at checkout.

Firmware Calendar for Ibuygou Android Watch Phone:
Jan 3rd Jan 2011(released)
Feb 28th 2012(released)
March 30th 2012 (released) 
April 17th 2012(released)
April 28th 2012(released)
Be continued after getting feedback(to be released) 

Tips on CWM recovery and tweaks for Android watch phone Z1 (MT6516):

Detailed review by Ibuygou customer

Czech review for z1 by Czech customer

if Z1 Smart Watch Phone puts Android 2
.2,Wifi,GPS on your wrist?will you throw away your smartphone android cell phone?The Ibuygou Z1 android watch phone is the revolutionary watch phone releasing in the beginning of 2012.Z1 adopts powerful Android OS2.2,fast running,smooth and easy operation,mass application softwares can be installed,coverdailylife,office,games,entertainment softwares,It's the most updated watch phone in the market,With the Android 2.2 OS is adopted in the watchphone,the facebook,twitter,youtube,all kinds kinds of android apps are on your hands,you donn't need to take the smartphone with you?Ibuygou Z1 android watch phone has the 2 inch full touchscreen(flexibility is better than resistive touchscreen,less than the capacitive touch screen),The 2 inch touchscreen is larger than any other watch phone on the market,this is also the very important point for the people's access to wifi,games,apps at ease.


Android 2.2 OS:
The Android OS has dominated the world by storming popularity.Here are just a few of the new features included in Android 2.2.
Updated Menu for Android Watch phone
-Facebook Application:
Keeps you connected with friends and automatically syncs your contacts's facebook photos into your conact lits.
-World's Best Gmail Mobile Clients
-Additional Home screens:Gives you five home screens to fill in what shortcust and widgets as you wish
-Live Wallpapers
-Vast Gmail setting:The latest gmail features are all included there to experience the speedy email edition
G1000 Wifi Android Watch Phone from
You can publish your blog,chat online,talk by camera,download files anytime according to 2.75G and WLAN(WIFI).Surely,there are more functions to make you become the social master,meanwhile,you can share happiess with your families and friends in time via bluetooth and the usb connection to your pc
GPS Updated Menu for android watch phone
With GPS&G-Sensor,Z1 is suitalbe for outdoor sports,and provide your accurate positional information wherever you are in forest or desert.The G-Sensor provide real-time motion measuing data monitoring
Speedy CPU:
Powerful MTK6516 Dual-core processor+CPU frequency 280+460MHZ Design,enabling the smooth different functions as the same time without bugs.

-Operation System: Android 2.2 OS
-2.0 inch TFT LCD with LED back light and QVGA resolution
-Unlocked Frequency on the 2GSM network:850/900/1800/1900MHz
-Capacitive Touch screen
-Keyboard:4 different side keys
-GPS:Internal GPS antenna
-Bluetooth 2.0
-Wifi IEEE802.11b/g
-Camera:2.0 MP Pixel
-Video formats:WMV,ASF,MP4,3GP,3G2,M4V,AVI
-Battery life:800 mAh,around 6 days standby time

What's in the box:
1 unit Adapter
1 unit Z1 android watch phone
1 unit USB cable
1 unit Bluetooth headset
1 unit 8GB Micro SD card
1 unit Stylus
1 unit Bluetooth adapter

Friendly Reminder: The screen lock setting should NOT be done unless you know exactly how to upgrade the watch phone by yourself in a professional way. We'll be back with the answer here soon on how to fix the unlock phone screen issue apart from upgrade. Thank you all for your time and understanding. More details, please kindly see us on Z1 Android watch phone's Facebook.

*Want to check more reviews about World First Android Watch,Click here.

The Video Shows how the android watch phone's connected with pc

*Don't know how to operate the android watch phone?please download the manual below:

*APK files(Facebook,Twitter,Android Market) can be used for the android watch phone:

1:Please make sure that the "Unknown Sources"is allowed before the apps installation.

2:Don't know how to install the apps,please check the Step 17 on the manual of android watch phone.

3:What can i do if i don't see the android market icon ?
Reply:Please choose one local android market manager apps,install the apps manager on the computer,make the android watch phone connected with pc,and install the apps to the android watch phone via computer by the apps manager.

4:How to upgrade the android watch phone?
A:Pls make sure to install the driver(located in sub menu of SP Flash Tool_V1)to your computer before the upgrades.

B:Upgrades Process:
1st:Open Flash Tool
2nd: Select-MTK AllInOne DA.bin-for Download Agent,then choose-MT6516 Android scatter.txt- for Scatter-loading file
4th:Click: Download: at this moment,you have to insert the USB of android watch phone to the computer(Make sure that the android watch phone is powered off),it automatically is upgrading as soon as the android watch phone connected with computer.this uploading time takes around 2-3 minutes to finish,if it is successful,the flash tool shows:Result,OK.

After the successful upgrades,it takes longer for you to turn on the android watch phone as first time.

5:What can I benefit after the upgrades?
we have been always making android watch phone perform very stable for its funtionality,so we need this upgrades.Ibuygou need customer's suggestion on this android watch phone,cos not every product is perfect,the product need suggestions to be improved!

6:Warning:The android watch phone will be broken if the upgrades is not successful.

7:Do I need to upgrade my android Watch phone?
Maybe,if you are professional enough,you can try it.Ibuygou does not suggest customer to upgrade the android watch phone if your version is the updated.  

8:Where to download the upgrades tool and firmwares?
Please email your order NO or Paypal transaction id to

9:My Smart watch can not recognize computer,what the problem?

At the first time when you insert the direct usb of watch phone at the right color of your XP computer,you need to download the driver:name,the driver is in the Driver  folder of Flash Tool.

10:I could not do the upgrade using the fine wire USB extender that came with the phone. For some reason the upgrade would stop in the middle and give a USB error message.Finally i just pluged the phone strap directly into my laptop and it worked beautifully the first time.


12:How to fix Invalid IMEI on android watch phone?
1:Root the Z1 with -SuperOneClick-in Windows.
2:Install -root explorer-app from the market.
3:Copy the file:MP0B_001:from the good phone to the bad phone using root explorer.
4:Restart the phone.
(Location of  MP0B_001: /data/nvram/md/NVRAM/NVD_IMEI/)
Before rooting, the above file should have been backed up,but i have two Z1's so a copy from the one to the other did the trick!

How to get Google Play work on the z1 android watch phone from

Here are the detailed instructions and the two folders needed to install Google Play. Please give it a try and see if it will work for you?

Installing Google Apps on z1 android smart phone(or getting Google Play to work!)

Unfortunately it is not a simple one step process of installing an app and it works. This is because for Google Play to work it needs access to a google account and to add a Google account you need a variety of other support Apps from Google. The bottom line is to get Google Play to work you need to install about ten apps all together. This is not impossible to do...and it may take an hour or so of fiddling around. I have done it about 5 times successfully now.

There are a number of steps in the process. These include : 1.changes in settings, 2.Rooting your phone, 3 Installing the needed Google apps 4.Copying the app files to your SD card, 5.Changing the permissions on those files,6.Loading your Google account (if you dont have one set one up before you start) and Google play.

You do not need to understand everything about rooting, working with files or permissions to do this, but of course it helps.  It is not quite as complicated as it sounds and the effort is worth it I believe.  The following are detailed instructions for each step.

CHANGING SETTINGS: The Z1 has the full set of android settings that can be accessed by opening the app drawer by pressing the square icon of dots above the phone icon on the main screen. Next find the settings icon and press to enter. Scroll to <display:and press>, then uncheck the box next to auto rotate. This will keep your display primarily in landscape which makes typing much easier. Next press :screen timeout: and select :2 minutes: so that your screen isnt continually turning off on you. Press the power button twice to go back to the main settings menu and scroll down to <applications>. Press it and at the top of the list you will see<unknown sources>press the<checkbox> to get a green check, then press the power button to return to the main setting menu again.If you have a wireless network available scroll up to<wireless & Networks>and enter, turn on wifi, and set up your network access (refer to the reference manual if you need more help). You might as well set up GPS while your at it so that Maps and navigation will work, press the power button until you return to the main settings menu and scroll down to<locations & security>.Press to enter and press the checkbox for A-GPS to turn it on, then scroll down to A-GPS settings and press it. Uncheck to box labeled <disable after reboot> so it will stay enabled but realize that if you remove the battery for some reason it seems to become disabled again and you will have to repeat the process to enable A-GPS. Thats it for now for settings unless you have some settings you personally want to change. Press the power button repeatedly until you get back to the main screen. 

ROOTING YOUR PHONE: I wont try to explain rooting other than to say to do it usually voids your warranty, but it does allow you to do some fun (geeky) things such as flash other rom software and in this case add all the google apps (gmail, play, maps, navigation etc) to the Z1 which comes without all these basic apps. There are many ways to root, one of which is described in the Ibuygou web page for the Z1 and uses<super one click>. My preference is to, download the software Z4ROOT from Aptoid, launch the Z4root app and press the permanent root button. The phone will display some messages and then shut down on its own and reboot...let it!  Once back on you will notice no difference to your phone other than an app called superuser is added and every so often when you add a new app that requires root access a screen will pop up and ask for permission (press the allow button to make this new software fully functional) Next I downloaded the app ROOT EXPLORER from Aptoid. This is just a fancy file exploring app with root access so you can read/write/and modify any file in your phone which is essential to get apps like PLAY (market) loaded.

INSTALLING GOOGLE APPS: I have included two folders of files you will need, download both folders to your SD card.This can be done by directly by USB transfer when your phone is directly connected to your computer or by removing your Micro SD card and with an adapter mounting the card into your computer. Once the folders are on your SD card and your card is back in your phone, open the Root Explorer app and scroll down to SD card, press it and scroll down to the folder called<gapps install>and press to enter. Press the first .apk file at the top of the list, next press the install button, then the next install button, and wait for the <done>button to appear and press it, returning you to the file menu. Repeat the same precess for each remaining file. If you see a message saying that the installation was unsuccessful just ignore it. When you have finished, press the power button to return back to the main SD card menu and select the next folder <Gapps copy>. 

COPYING GOOGLE APPS FILES: When in the file list for the <Gapps copy> folder, press the <menu>button on the right side of the watch. Press <multi select>, then <select all>. Note that now all the files have a check mark beside them. Next press copy and a<paste> button will appear at the bottom of the screen. Press the power button twice to return to the root menu of your phone. Press the <mount r/w button at the top of the screen and it will change to <mount r/o>. Scroll down to the system folder and press to open. Again press the <mount r/w>button then press to open the <app> folder. Now press the paste button to add all the files to the app folder. Now you are ready to change the permissions of the newly added files so they will look like all the other files in the app folder.

CHANGING PERMISSIONS:  Note that most of the files in this folder have their permissions listed under the file name as a small tag <rw-r-r>. The files you just added will be different  <--rwxr-x>and you need to change them to look like the rest of the files. To do this scroll down to find the first file with the rwxr-r tag. long press on the file tp bring up the action menu and scroll thru the menu until permissions shows up. Press permissions and a screen with  four columns and 3 rows of check boxes shows up. Press the boxes to add or subtract check marks until you have only read and write checked in the first row, and read checked in the last two rows. Then press ok and  the screen will return to the file list and give you a message that the permissions have been changed. Check to see that the file tag now reads<rw-r-r>. Now go ahead and scroll down the file list and perform the same change for all the files with <rwxr-r tags>. When complete, reboot your phone by long pressing the power button and pressing the power off button. Click yes when it asks if you really want to shut off your phone. Let it power down and then turn it back on.

LOADING YOUR GOOGLE ACCOUNT AND GOOGLE PLAY: Now its time to launch Google Play.So open the app drawer and look for the<Market>icon.We start with the old application and it will eventually update itself to Google Play. Launch the Market app and it should give you a notice that it needs to have a Google account.Press yes and the Google account setup application will start. Follow the instructions to enter your account and if you are luckier than I am it will just work and you are done. However for me after I enter all the information and proceed to loginto the account the application gives an error message and I must force close it. I then go into settings/accounts & sync and under Manage accounts I see that my account is listed but when I press on the account there are no items listed to sync and no way to add them that I have found. So now comes the trick. I go back to my computer and set up another google account. I just added a 1 to the user name to make it simple and this will really just be a dummy account that you may never use again. Now go back into settings/accounts & sync and press the<add account>button and add your second account.This time you will not get the error message and you can go all the the way through the setup and finish. Now the miracle is that when you go back into settings/accounts & sync and look at the first account that didnt seem to work it now has calendar and contacts and will sync whatever data you choose. It will not show gmail yet because you have not downloaded the app from the market (Google Play).  So now go back into the app drawer and launch the Market app and it will either come up as the old Market app or the new Google Play app. Dont worry if it hasnt updated to Google Play it will eventually on its own, just keep going in and out of the app until it does.Now it is fully functional and you can load all the other Google apps from Google Play.(Gmail,Maps,Voice Search,Voice,Youtube,finance, etc.)Some apps like Netflix,Goggles Books,sky,etc will not work loading them from Play however older versions of some these will work such as books which I have included in the gapps install folder. The caveate is that Google Play will want you to update them and you must not or they will stop working.

The Video explains how to upgrade android watch phone purchased from

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